Daily Practice

The intention of Smiling On Life carries our deepest desire to act from our truest self so as to be-in-love.

Pausing throughout the day, shifting our attention to the heart, gazing on life with eyes of the heart and anchoring it with a smile aligns our body, mind, heart and spirit to our intention.

Pause  Pause momentarily through the day

Breath  Slowly take a couple deep breaths. Holding the breath at the bottom of the exhalation for a few seconds.

If necessary:
Repeat on inhalation to calm the mind
“I breath in love”

Repeat on exhalation to calm the mind
“I smile on with love”

Attention  Continue slow deep breathing, place your attention in the area of the heart.

Heart  Soften your eyes, as if you are seeing life with the eyes of your heart.

Awareness  Infuse your awareness with love

Anchor the moment with a smile of love and gratitude.

Hold your loving gaze and smile for a few moments to allow your presence to come into union with Presence.

Rest in this ‘loving awareness’ and rest in knowing that you are in love. 

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