Breathe. Smile. Be.

After you had some practice in the basic sequencing of the sitting practice of ‘smiling on life’ you may feel the urge to settle into your space a little deeper.

If this is so, shift your attention from heart space in the center of your chest to the area slightly above the navel.

Continue slow deep breathing while repeating the mantra: 
Breathing in (on the inhalation breath)
Smiling on (on the exhalation breath)

Gently let go of the mantra and allow the mind to rest in the stillness and silence.

If thoughts should arise, gently return to the mantra. Let go of the mantra when you can

Spend time resting in this space for a while.

Next shift your attention to the space below the navel and above the pubic bone. Repeat your mantra. Let go of your mantra. Rest

If you feel comfortable breathing, resting and being in this space, then rest in this space for as long as you wish.

If your wish, you may shift your attention to the base of the spine.
Just continue breathing, gently repeating the mantra and letting go of the mantra.

The intention of the shifting of your attention, once you have spent time and center your attention in the heart space, to these other areas is to explore that place within yourself where you feel most comfortable to rest and to be.

Your highest intention is saying ‘yes’ to that space within you that is calling you forth to spend time to just be-in-love.

Here there is no need to think about ‘smiling on life’ because you're following the call to rest or be in love is filled with love and gratitude and that is all as a human being we are being asked to say ‘yes’ to.

Breathe. Smile. Be

Rest and be in love.


It is important to spend time in the basic sequence of the sitting practice before you shift your attention below your heart space in order for your time resting in the silence or resting in love to be as free of as many thoughts possible. The sequencing allows the mind and body to become quiet and become as centered as possible during your sitting time. 

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