Life's Joys & Struggles

* Smile on this moment and on all life with love and gratitude for happiness will find us every time
* Smile On my struggles as a gift to awaken me to what I have been given
* Smile On life’s tragedies as opportunities to share our gift of sharing blessings with others
* Smile On life’s tragedies as new opportunities to express love
* Smile On life’s sorrows for making us aware of the preciousness of the present moment
* Smile On life’s struggles as gifts to awaken us to understanding, faith, trust, and patience
* Smile On loneliness as the guest that invites you to search for something to live for and great enough to die for
* Smile On friendship for having you delivered from loneliness
* Smile On life’s struggles as opportunities that guide you along the path of finding your purpose
* Smile On death as being on the road to fulfillment

Dag Hammarskjold
“For all that has been, thank you”
“For all that is to come, Yes”
“For all that has been, is and will be, thank you!”
“For all that is to come, Yes”
“I ask: what am I doing here? ---- And, at once, this I becomes unreal”

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