Have you ever looked at a beautiful sunrise and felt fully alive and happy?

Have you ever smiled on a newborn child and felt love and gratitude?

  • With the eyes of the heart

  • Gaze

  • Smile loving on life

What is Smile On Life?

Smile On Life is a practice that aligns a person with his/her truest expression by; pausing, placing one’s attention to the heart, gazing on life with loving awareness, and anchoring this action with a smile.

It is a transformative practice that shifts the consciousness of the person and the world with loving awareness.

In our hectic lives we need only to pause momentarily to look on life and see it is a gift and a blessing.

In pausing, to become aware of life and look on life with the eyes of the heart, we are reach out looking to make a heart-felt connection to life: intimate and infinite. 

Smile On Life is practice that lovingly gazes on life with the eyes of the heart in the present moment and anchoring that experience with a smile. 

The intention of the practice is to root and ground us in love by aligning the body, mind and heart so that we may come to act from our truest self and bring our highest potential into being.

If we are to find peace and happiness in this world, we must pause often to place our attention to the heart and let go our self-preoccupations that inhibit us from looking on life from a more loving perspective.
The daily practice of ‘smiling on life’ creates new mental patterns in our consciousness enabling us to experience a greater intimacy with life which in turn empowers us to hold the many paradoxes of life in a grace filled embrace.

Smile on Life Practices

Sitting Practice

Daily Practice

Walking Meditation

Breathe. Smile. Be.

Smiling from the Heart

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